Our weekly worship features participation of members of the congregation. Pastor Leigh offers a reflection on Scripture, and our Music Director, Eric Tuper-Giles offers music of many kinds. We currently have an adult choir and a handbell choir. We are always looking for vocalists and instrumentalists to share their gifts in worship and other settings.

Organ Build Update: 
On Easter Sunday, we heard a selection from our organ for the first time! The swell division is now operational, and we are hard at work on the other divisions. Watch our news and events for opportunities to learn more about this magnificent instrument and to experience the "surround sound" from over 3000 pipes.


If you would like to join us by ZOOM on Sundays at 9:30 am, the meeting ID is 865 5966 3321, and the password is our zip code. We are doing weekly upgrades of video and sound.

From our Tech Assistant, Kris Kirby:                                                                                                

Hello Zoomies, In an effort to provide you all with a better listening experience, we are going to be Live Streaming the Sunday service to YouTube as well as offering it via Zoom. In our testing, the audio available via the Live Stream is superior to what we can offer you via Zoom.

The one downside to the YouTube option, is that you will not be able to see and talk to each other, although a text-based chat is available. If you would like, you can start off in Zoom to talk with everyone and then switch over to YouTube when the service begins. We do not recommend running both at the same time as the Live Stream runs on a slight time delay, so the audio will not sync up between the two.

For more questions, join us on Zoom before 9:30 and talk to Kris directly! 

August 13th